Have you ever seen a photograph and knew something wasn’t right? Maybe the water looks like it will flow off the photo, or the buildings are crooked. Those are some problems that occur when snapping pictures.

The key to capturing incredible images is understanding composition, lighting, and how to edit that photo with a few clicks to improve its quality.

The Rule of Thirds

When taking a photo, do not put your subject in the center. Imagine a grid on your viewfinder that divides the image into thirds horizontally and vertically.

Place your subject in one of the cross-points for eye appeal. That is the rule of thirds. Also, consider elements you may or may not want in the picture. Sometimes, stepping sideways can improve an image.

Are there leading lines, such as a streak of sunlight, that draw the eye through the photo? Add interest by capturing a shadow or reflection.

Portrait or Landscape

Turn your phone sideways for group photos or scenery. Do you want a tall, narrow photo (portrait) or a wide image (landscape)?

Consider the difference between a tall, skinny sunset and a landscape of shimmering water as the sun drops below the horizon. Are you photographing one dolphin or an entire group? Don’t press that button until you compose the image you want.

Get Close!

Capturing awesome landscape photos is easy on a boating tour. Sometimes, you’ll want to fill the lens with the sea animals you view.

Will that manatee or sea turtle be a speck in your photo? Zoom in! That is the difference between good photos and spectacular images.

Where Is the Sun?

Check the sun’s position before clicking the camera button on your phone. This can make the difference between people having squinty eyes or shadowed faces. Other objects may also be overexposed or dark.

Try shooting with the sun off to one side, which provides a more dramatic, artistic look and prevents heavy shadowing or glare. In some instances, you may want to shoot toward the sun.

Think about the look you want, then position yourself accordingly. On an Anna Maria Island sunset tour, you’ll want to capture the setting sun, but don’t put it in the middle of the photo. Position it off-center for eye appeal.

Editing Tips

Before you share that photo, look at it carefully to determine if any tweaks will improve its impact. Open the image on your phone, then click Edit.

Check the horizon; if it is crooked, level it. Too far away from the subject? Crop it!

If the image is too bright or dark, select the adjust button on your phone to change the brightness, contrast, HDR, etc. A few minutes of editing can transform your images from so-so snapshots into a collection of great photos.

Where to Capture Incredible Images

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